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SEO Strategy Plans

What is an SEO Roadmap?

SEO roadmaps or strategy plans are simple documents that describe the exact work your agency is going to take to work on your SEO. They usually include optimizations, new content, link building, technical SEO, and can usually go from one to six months of plans.

Why do I need a Strategy Plan for SEO?

When you sign up with an SEO agency, it’s important to take note of the strategy and not simply take their word for it that they are doing your SEO. It should be broken down into what specific actions are being taken each month. The strategy analysis should take at least two to three hours to run a diagnostic on your website to determine where you currently stand, what keywords to target, what content to add to your site and where, what pages to optimize, and what actions to take on your technical SEO.

Link Building Considerations

In addition to this, link building plans should be included and explained. For example, building 25 local citations or creating 100 web 2.0 profile links should be outlined in the strategy plan. Too many agencies are not as transparent as they should be, so it’s important to always get a strategy plan and make sure you know what work is being completed within your SEO package.

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