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Long Tail vs. Broad Keywords

What’s the Difference Between Long Tail and Broad Keywords?

Long tail keywords are keywords that have more words in them. Typically they will have three or more words to make up a long tail keyword, while a broad keyword will be usually one or two words. It’s going to be more competitive and expensive to target broad keywords because the amount of websites targeting those keywords is a lot larger than more specific keywords. For local and smaller businesses, it’s usually best to target the long tail keywords people are using when they are in the research or buying phase of the marketing funnel.

Targeting Broad Keywords

It’s good to also target broad keywords, however not expect results to happen quickly unless you have a giant budget for that. The long tail keywords will be easier to get fast results on within a couple months sometimes, while broad keywords will usually take six to twelve months or longer depending on the competitivity around those search terms.

Harvesting “Low Hanging Fruit”

The main strategy we recommend is going after keywords that you already rank on the second to tenth page of Google for and boosting those rankings up, or picking some long tail keywords you don’t rank for at all that we can start to move up on the search engine results pages. This way you can start to see some results more quickly than targeting keywords that would take longer to get traffic for.

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